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Thanksgiving in Phoenix 2014



Off to Class


It’s not just about the Turkey…

But we are a family that loves to cook and loves to eat.  So appropriately, our Friday Thanksgiving celebration had to begin with brunch.  It was a very special event as it was our first opportunity to meet Lexie and Danzig, Sarina’s adorable kids.  It was also their first opportunity to get to meet us.  Brave little kids to be sure!


Phoenix Thanksgiving 2


Food has to be pretty and tasty.

And.. photographed, of course.  We were pulling out all of the stops wanting to make a good impression. We were a little nervous.



We shouldn’t have worried

Lexie and Danzig are great kids and we had a lovely relaxing day with them.  The dogs provided a wonderful distraction for Danzig.  They were happy to have a young energetic playmate.



Inside Games and Outside Games

We left lots of time in our day for play.


And me being me….

We left lots of time for photographs.  I’m addicted!  Of course, these kids and the rest of the family are my favorite subjects.

It was our first Thanksgiving with the newest members of our family…

Firsts are important milestones.  The dinner was delicious.  The day was relaxed.  We got to know our newest family  members a little bit.  They got to know us…  a little bit.  I think we all got over our ‘first meeting’ jitters and sensed a hopeful, exciting, new beginning.

Our family has so much to be thankful for..  Sarina, Lexie, and Danzig are beautiful blessings in our lives.

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