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She’s Three: Brynn’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations


Scary Bounce House


It’s Not Easy Being Three

She was so excited about her upcoming birthday party.  I mean really jazzed, jumping around excited.  She knew she wanted a chocolate cake, and she knew there would be bouncing. YAY..  But when she got there the whole scene was suddenly quite overwhelming.  She clung to mom and dad like a little frightened monkey.  The more she clung, the more anxious mom and dad got.  Nothing was helping.  Granny tried.. Daddy tried..  mommy tried…  she was not having it. Tension was rising!


Sarah on the big slide


It Takes A Village

Young and fun, Gina’s friend Sarah was up for the challenge.  She climbed the steep steps to the tallest of the bouncy slides with Brynn clinging and looking terrified.  They sat at the top and finally, together they slid down.  A tiny smile on Brynn’s face gave us all hope.  But all was not well..  She was still uncertain.




The campaign to help Bynn enjoy her birthday party continued.  At last Uncle David arrived and he, once again, climbed the big stairs up the tallest of the bouncy slides and down they came…  once, twice.. I think it was the third time before the smiles on our little birthday princess were genuine. SIGH…  let the fun begin.



Now we’re having fun….

With only 30 minutes of the 1 1/2 hour allotted bounce time left, Brynn was ready to have fun at her birthday party.  Better late than never.  And those final minutes gave her joyful memories of turning three at a big bounce house, with 20 of her little friends and family to celebrate with her.


Party On

The bounce house party place did a wonderful job.  They serve the pizza, the ice cream and cake, they manage the opening of the presents and giving out the favors.  The grateful parents sit back and smile and get to enjoy watching their child enjoy the day.  LOVE IT!  And Brynnie did enjoy.. her pizza, her chocolate cake..  and all of the lovely presents her friends brought her.


Lessons Learned…

Well, I really wasn’t surprised the sweet Miss Brynn had a slow start at her party.  She’s a cautious child.  She watches.. thinks… then jumps (literally in this case).  I must admit I really like that about her.  I love her thoughtfulness; the way she analyzes a situation.

I really love how once she decides to JUMP she is whole hearted.  She loves life, participates fully, and truly celebrates.  It was a very good party and a lovely celebration of this milestone in her short but wonderful life.


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