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 Pretty Pixels: Vancouver Vacation



Yes, it’s true.  The minute we begin planning a trip I begin planning what photography equipment I’ll be packing.  I’ve been known to sacrifice a sweater, or an extra outfit, or another pair of shoes to fit in one more lens or to include the travel tripod and head.  Seriously strange, but more and more I SEE my world, EXPERIENCE my world through the lens.  This fall vacation was no exception.  We were loaded down with two camera bodies, a flash, 4 lenses, and that space-stealing tripod and head, all for the love of pixels.

Vancouver #1


The hundreds of photos have been ‘culled’.  The culled photos, and been ranked.  The ranked photos have been post-processed.  And the post-processed photos become my memories backed up in clouds and redundant storage devices, memorialized on this blog, posted to Facebook, and printed both in a book and probably in one or more wall-art piece.

These pixels  take me back to the moment, make me smile, and are totally worth the extra pounds of equipment hauled through airports, loaded into hotel rooms, and carefully protected on ferries and the hop on hop off  Big Bus and in a small cafe with no safe place to put the big camera down.


How amazing that these pixels can transport me to the place.  I feel the nip in the air, I smell the flowers, I remember the emotions.. anticipation…  laughter.


The long hike up the hill because the bus stop had moved!

Feeling too tired to take another step.

The way Michael can always makes me laugh even when I want to be annoyed.. or mad..  or….

Makes me feel safe when I’m way outside my comfort zone… or..

Catches me when I fall.. ACTUALLY FALL! KLUTZ!  Yes, that’s me.

Beautiful scenery, passing faces, unfamiliar smells, unfamiliar beds and uncomfortable pillows.

I remember thinking how diverse and yet how similar the world is.



Looking into other people’s lives.  Catching my own hubby when he’s unaware. Being stopped in my tracks and compelled to take the snap. Trying to figure out how to get the picture that I see in my mind in spite of  the challenges of the scene before me. Evaluating  the finished pixels and thinking about next time….


Canada has a serious problem with margaritas.  I don’t believe we have ever had stranger concoctions labeled as ‘margaritas’ in all of our travels.  The drinks ranged from neon green, to orange.  Some had.. GASP… fizzy water.  And one tasted like nothing we could identify.  Margarita drinkers beware!


No.. I’m not one of those who feel all giddy about the dawn.  I prefer to rise slowly, ease into the day, and travel no earlier than 10 A.M.  But this morning we were on the ferry early, and on to the next ferry, still early, all to get to Desolation Sound.  In retrospect.. it was worth the inconvenience! Pixels don’t lie!


Our trip to Vancouver and Vancouver island  was really lovely.  We didn’t have amazing food…. not sure how that happened.  We had many very strange margaritas.  We saw many many beautiful places.  And of course, we came home with memory cards filled with pixels.  What more could a photographer ask for?

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