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Summer Walks on the MountainJune 29, 2008
Summer Walks on the Mountain:
As progress on our new mountain home continues, we're already enjoying many of the benefits of living here on Roosevelt Ridge as we are spending many nights living on a trailer right on the lot. We thought you might enjoy a peak at the beauty of the mountains in summer as captured on a recent morning walk with the pups.
The Haigh-Roy Wedding:
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Travis Roy... We had a wonderful time celebrating your wedding, seeing old friends, and family. Enjoy a few photos from this beautiful event.
Happy 60th Birthday, Michael:
Yes, the boy has turned 60 and such a momentous occasion calls for a momentous celebration trip. For an event this special, only a truly special place would do. So, of course, our destination was Sea Ranch.
Abby Joins the Family:
We are happy to announce that we have a new addition to the family. Meet Abby, a 5 month old labradoodle puppy.. Ralph's new sister.
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